Probably you are not new about Toronto job agencies. However, as you answer to job postings, job advertisements, you may not be aware of how these staffing agencies in Toronto operate.

However, your little knowledge about how these firms operate has not stopped you from applying and reapplying with them. Well, there is no need to panic. We will comprehensively show you how these staffing agencies work so the next time you apply for a job through them; you do it confidently. Learn more here.

  1. Benefits of Temp Agency

Toronto temp agencies offer services that are important to both employees and employers.

Employees can register with a staffing agency and find work quickly. The temp job can become perm employment after some time.

On the other hand, employers get qualified employees to fill the vacant positions.

  1. Expectations When You Apply To a Temp Agency

A Toronto temp agency interviews a variety of candidates to match them with the right job. Therefore, you can be interviewed and placed in a job in a different company working with the job agency. Each staffing agency has own guidelines and varying contracts with various companies, and therefore, things can vary from one temp agency to another.

  1. What to Expect During the Interview

When you get into a temp agency, the recruiting specialist will welcome you and give you a form to fill —in that form you are supposed to highlight your strengths. It is recommended to bring your resume. Some agencies may ask for references for the kind of work you are looking for, and also some background check may be needed.

  1. What about My Schedule?

When you work for Toronto temp agencies, they will always inform you in case something in your area comes up. Some temp agencies may tell you to contact them frequently to check if there are available positions.

The may want to prepare for these questions:

  1. Are You Available On Weekends?
  2. Do you prefer to work nights, days or you can work anytime?
  3. Do you prefer to work in specific regions?
  4. About Signing a Contract?

When you choose to work for a temp agency, they will tell you to sign a contract. This contract shows that you are an affiliate to a particular staffing agency and therefore, there are certain restrictions imposed on you with the firm they introduce you to. For instance, when they offer you a job, you cannot take any other offer, be it temp or permanent with the company without first contacting them.

  1. Utilize Temp Jobs To Grow Your Network

Now you understand how Toronto temp agencies operate. You should now think about putting your resume in order and your professional outfit and visit a variety of Toronto temp agencies in your location. Always remember, when working through a temp agency, to grow your network and meet and greet as many people in your industry.